How much Do Architects Make Yearly?

How much Do Architects Make

Architecture can safely be counted among those professions that have always been highly-paid and well-respected in the world. Most of the wonders of the world we know are the fruits of laborious efforts and expertise of the architects. In today’s world, just think of the modern cities and you can know what is architecture are and what architects are capable of. Architects not only design buildings, they also supervise the construction procedure. For their services, they are hired against considerable amount of money in all parts of the world.

How much Do Architects Make

Income Statistics of Architects

Architects earn fairly high. The surveys conducted on how much do architects make affirm it. However the income statistics vary country to country. The variation in the salaries also occurs within a country as well. The wages architects earn are completely dependent upon the region and the market value of that region in terms of construction as well as in the architectural demands. For example, if we talk about the Gulf States, it is perfect market for architects to grow and get the maximum of their work. Well, in general, the architects are highly paid in the world.

The surveys conducted in 2011 suggest that average earning of architects in the United States was $79,300 for a year. It comes out to be $38.13 for an hour. However, there lies a lot of variation within the lowest to highest income. Another significant factor is the highest and the lowest aid states within the United States. For an instance, architects earned $44,030 for a year whereas the highest 10% of the architects earned $119,410 for a year. The last few years have introduced too many work opportunities for architects in various developing regions of the world. The most famous one is the Gulf region where a number of large scale building projects have been introduced. The average salary of architects employed in the Gulf region earned AED 137,415 per anum. The architects worked as project directors in this region got even more lucrative salary packages.

Work Hours of Architects

The work hours of the architects are usually the same as those for a normal profession i.e. 8 to 9 hours. The Architect, with his team, works from 0900 hours to 1800 hours or in most of the countries this timing is from 0900 hours to 1700 hours. Sometimes architects have to perform overtime as well which actually happens quite often. They are however paid handsome amount for the work they do in excess hours.

Career Development

An architect has to pass three major academic steps before getting the license as a professional architect. The first and the most important of the steps is the proper Education. Well, a 5 year BS program is the minimum you need to be an architect which may be the B.S. Civil Engineering from an Engineering College or University or it may be a perfect B.S. Architecture. Here it may be noted that the B.S. Architecture is not an engineering degree, which means that you’re not a certified engineer after doing that, instead, you’re a certified architect.

Further you can go for M.S. in Architecture. As the more education you have got, your earning prospects get brightened. After the education the second step is to have a practical training which is so much necessary and for that must complete or carry out an Internship Program varying in duration from 12 Months minimum to 3 Years or more as the upper limit. If one completes an internship then the one will be equipped with the practical skills and with experience as well and both of these are valued too much in the global market. Last but not the least comes registration examination, passing which, one becomes a certified and a registered architect!

Like other professional fields, architecture also demands from its professionals a perfect command over the modern techniques of designing and preparing building structures. For the purpose, they need to upgrade their qualification along with practical experience. The best way to enhance one’s knowledge on all the latest developments and validate one’s academic worth is to pass relevant certification exams. They are offered by National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB).

Highest Paying Region for Architects

Location is one of the most important factors that can affect the income of architects. Within the Unites States, the highest paying region for architects is Texas where they averaged $116,960 for a year according to very credible researches done on how much do architects make. After that, the second highest paying state is the District of California where the architects earn around $113,840 which is also very high. The third ranked state paying the most to the architects according to the latest income statistics was Connecticut which was a little far from the top two and it gave an average of $113,050 to the architects for a year.

How much Do Architects Make


Along with education, the field of architecture requires recognizable work experience and the best knowledge and exposure on the currently used building material and construction technology. Only a well trained and skilled architect can stay in the market and make sure a handsome income. Though there are various work opportunities for architects yet their academic knowledge and training make sure the graph of their livelihood. Thus, in the beginning of their career, the survey on how much do architects make affirm that the income may be low but still their substantial encourage income prospects for them with the passage of time.

The field of architecture is flourishing day by day and according to the most recent surveys, there is an expected 17% rise in jobs upto 2022. This is not only encouraging for those who are already in the field but an attractive opportunity for those who wish to adopt architecture as their future profession. However, it also predicts a competitive environment in architecture industry all over the world where innovation, unique designs and uses of modern techniques as well as material are the prime requirements.

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