How Much Do Cops Make in USA

How Much Do Cops Make

How Much Do Cops Make? The growing consciousness of security and the rising of crimes have necessitated the deployment of law-enforcing agencies and security personnel in every part of the world. Evils are a part of every society and they can be seen in the form of crimes, which include the devilish acts of murder, robberies, homicides, rapes, harassment and kidnapping etc. In order to tackle these crimes, police is at work and keeps the society evil free.

In the United States, the policemen are informally known as Cops which is an abbreviation of Constable of Police. Despite the fact that the Cops are a support and are the power of a civilian everyone would have a curiosity in knowing how much do cops make? Generally speaking, it depends on the rank of the policemen, but this article will be focusing on the standard rank of cops and will give an income overview of the people serving in this profession.

how much does a cops make

Qualification and Eligibility
The eligibility criteria for a Cop is that a person must be physically fully fit and without any disability because they have to pass a physical test. For a person to be a cop he or she must have at least high school diploma or an equivalent degree of education and he or she must be a 21 years aged US citizen having an active and valid driver’s license. Other than that the individual must never have been indulged into any crime or any kind of facilitation in any crime which informally means that he or she must have a clean record. After fulfilling all these requirements, the individual must attend the Police academy where he/she is given a training at the Police Academy of duration 3 to 4 months followed by a written and physical examination for getting the status of a Policeman or Policewoman. There are competitive examinations which are the parameters for the determination of the caliber of an individual in the eyes of the Police Authority which gives them the measure of the individual’s agility which further is a determining factor in how much do cops make?

Annual Income Statistics
Looking at the cops one really feels inspired as they are the evil cleaners in our societies and localities, but the question that how much do cops make pops up in everybody’s mind. Well, according to the statistics, collected by reliable sources in the United States, the cops earned an average of USD 27.05 an hour which makes a sum of USD 56,260 in a year as of the statistics of year 2011. The same year’s statistics suggest that almost half of all the cops made between USD 19.77 and USD 33.65 an hour and on the yearly basis it averaged out to be USD 41,110 to USD 69.990. The year 2013’s statistics of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, USA suggested that the cops earned averagely USD 56,130 as of May 2013 which is a little less of an average than in 2011.

Variations in Earning with Seniority
The range presented above from the statistics of 2011 by BLS of the United States suggest that there is a lot of variance in the United States of the salaries of the cops. The factors that are responsible for this variance maybe various out of which, one is experience or agility or the seniority in the department of Police. According to the recent research statistics, collected in September 2015, the entry level cop has an average salary of USD 42,843 which keeps on increasing with the rank as the mid-career Police officer according to the research earns an average of USD 50,717 annually. The experienced non veteran police officer earns the average of USD 54,805 according to the research which is quite a raise compared to the freshman’s salary. Research further shows that the late career police officer earns an average earning of USD 60,098 which is also quite a raise from the experienced police officer, which justifies the variance quite a bit.


Variation in the Earnings with the Region
Other than the seniority factor the salaries of the police officers vary with the region as well. The regional variations pattern suggests that the police officers in the Northeast states and the west states were the highest earners on an average as per the statistics of the Year 2011 by BLS. The State of New Jersey was the highest earning state for the police officers where the police officers averaged the highest earning in the United States which was USD 81,970 for a year. The State of California was the number two in the highest earnings for the police officers and it averaged an annual earning of USD 78,790 in the year 2011. The statistics showed that the Southern States were the lowest paid states for the cops where the state with the lowest earning for the police officers (cops) was the Mississippi which averaged at USD 31,060 for a year.

Variation in the Earning with the Employer
The answer to how much do cops make also depends upon the employers which maybe the State Police, the Local Governments’ Police Departments and the Federal Police etc. The earning of the police officers varies heavily with the various employers according to independent surveys conducted by a number of internationally-acclaimed organizations in 2011. The State Department of Police offered the highest earning to the police officers and it averaged an earning of about USD 1,166 for a week or USD 60,650 for a year whereas the Local Governments’ police departments were there on the second rank at an average of USD 1,080 for a week. The Federal Police Department offered an earning of the USD 994 for a week and it was ranked third highest wages offering employer of the cops and the least earning was with the police officers employed by the different educational institutions and their earning was around the average range of USD 913 to USD 845 for a week.

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