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According to the 2012 report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual earnings of a dentist is $145,240. This is the mean earning, which implies that half the dentists earn above this figure, while half the dentists employed in USA earn below this figure per annum. But according to a parallel survey, the upper 10 percent of the dentists earn more than $203,8555 and the lowest earning 10 percent of the dentists of America earn less than $123,353. According to these statistics from 2014, the average annual earning of the dentists of America is $151,447 which shows a considerable increase as compared to the report from 2012.

how much do dentists make

Regional Variations

The pay shows variations in different regions of United States of America. For instance, the best paying state is Maine at $205,960 which is followed by a $199,720 per annum salary in the state of Alaska. On the bottom side of the chart, Puerto Rico has a meagre $82,530 with much less dentists employed as well. The second lowest paying state is Utah at $109,440 per annum. For a promising career, one must observe these trends, and make plans for the right state accordingly. Employment in favorable circumstances not only offers you with a good starting pay, but you can look forward to quicker promotions and better established working conditions. It will certainly be difficult to find a handsome job with a reasonable salary in Utah or Puerto Rico, as compared to Maine, which offers a pay of about double to that of Utah.


To determine how much do dentists make, one must understand the effect of the numerous specialties on the pay trends. Prosthodontists replace missing teeth and fix oral deformations. Orthodontists are specialized in diagnosis of dental malformations, while the oral surgeons perform advanced and complicated dental surgeries. Statistically, orthodontists and prosthodontists earned a median $169,130 which was higher than the other forms of specialization.

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According to the statistics, dentists employed by dental companies and in hospitals earned significantly less than those in private practice, running their own clinics. In private practice, the mean annual earning is $167,130 as compared to $149,300 for the dentists who are employed in physicians’ offices. Employed dentists have full work schedules hospitals or physicians’ clinics, and they may also work evenings depending upon the work schedule of the office, or if they are doing overtime. On the contrary, dentists running their own private clinics not only chose their own clinic timings, but they also take on administrative duties such as regulating the rest of the staff. In private clinics, one gets to pick his own assistant staff and clinic location. While to some, working in a bigger firm looks promising, others might appreciate the premise of a privately owned clinic.

Job Outlook

To understand how much does a dentist make, it is essential to interpret the changes in the trends in the coming years. While in the next 7 years, the field is expected to grow by as much as 16 percent, which is a favorable news, because it is significantly higher than the estimate growth rate of other fields, it is partly due to the enhanced effect of awareness campaigns, leading to greater number of people holding regular appointments with dental surgeons and also due to increased number of people holding health insurances. So, not only the employment opportunities are increasing, but the job situations and pays are also expected to improve.

Alternative Options

Becoming the dentist requires aggressive study and hectic clinic hours to get the degree during the dentistry program. Besides, one has to have a good score in the bachelors to get admission in a dental school as well. One must be aware of the alternative options that land you in the same or similar work environments. On the upside, this field is expected to grow by 33 percent which is a dramatic figure compared to other fields. On the downside, it requires 8 years of study. The other field is Dental Hygienist, which also pays reasonably well, and a similarly high growth rate in the coming years. You can enter this profession more quickly with an associate’s degree, which makes it an appealing employment opportunity for a number of people. They assist dentists and assist patients with oral care and dental examination.

The best evidence that how much do dentists make

The surveys conducted on how much does a dentist make provide the best evidence that dentistry is one of the most rewarding profession. The minimum education required to enter a dentistry school is bachelor’s degree. These undergraduates are mostly recommended to focus on science courses in the bachelors before they enter the dental school. The school offers a 4-year program, during which one does not only study the dentistry but also microbiology, biochemistry, physiology and anatomy the same as the first two years of medical program. Further studies during the four years include clinical study, dental surgery and work ethics. All these factors play a key role in the success of a dentist as a professional. The license examination in each specific state is essential to begin a career in the respective state. Written as well as practical examinations are conducted for the license test.

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The dentist is required to have accurate vision, and he must not be color blind in order to perform accurate and trustworthy diagnoses. Communication skills and self-discipline are also an important part of the skill set required to become a competent dentist. In general, dentists are required to use their knowledge in dentistry to observe the oral cavities of the patients to observe any malformations, or pathological conditions of the teeth. This is followed by a number of simple and complicated procedures, including certain advanced surgeries to cure and remedy these problems. To educate patients in dental care is an essential part of their jobs, and the dentists running private clinics also take part in paperwork for the legality of the appointments with the patients. Dentists may also prescribe medication in coherence with dental care. While specialization adds newer and more advanced activities to the daily schedule of a dentist, this is the set of activities that every dentist must perform in the work place.

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