How Much Do Engineers Make Yearly?

how much does a engineer make

It takes nearly about 4 years to become a professional engineer. A bachelor’s degree in engineering opens up various career opportunities for you. But if you want something extra ordinary in form of a high paying job in some elite firm than you will also need to get an associate or even a doctorate degree. Once you are able to climb all these hurdles, you surely will outshine the rest, for the more you sweat, the better the results. You may even come in the top ten percent in the list of how much do engineers make.

How Much Do Engineers Make

Aerospace Engineers

Aerospace engineering is the most demanded branch of engineering with the highest salaries. On an average an aerospace engineer earns up to $105,000 annually with their hourly wage near about 50 dollars per hour. The top ten percent earn up to 150 000 a year. The main work of an aerospace engineer is to design, an aircraft, then supervise the building process and in the end carry out the testing procedure. NASA, Boeing, McDonnell and Douglas and etc. are some of the key hiring firms.


Electrical Engineers

When it comes to electricity and equipment running on electricity, the man responsible for designing, repairing and testing of such appliances is none other than the electrical engineer. These are among the commonly known engineers. They also earn good salaries averaging at about $91,000 per annum and their salaries move upward to even $130,000 per year. Electrical engineers often get good salaries in the computer designing area where the average salary is near about $102,000.


Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers deal in machines and tools. It is the broadest field of engineering whether it is a motor or a motor car or a plane even everything almost you will find the work of a mechanical engineer. They earn an average salary of $120,000 per annum.


Civil Engineering

The next are civil engineers. They are known the mega builders. They supervise the construction of roads, bridges, lining of railway tracks generally focusing on big projects. They do all this work in return of an average $80,000 a year and that’s not bad.


Chemical Engineers

Production of chemical substances by putting into practical use the knowledge of chemical properties is what a chemical engineer does. Chemical plants, fuel industry and other such companies hire chemical engineers on an average yearly pay of about $73,000 and the top 10 percent getting as much as $123,000 per year.


Environmental Engineers

Environmental engineering is rather a new field of engineering when compared with the other fields. The environmental engineers help us keep our environment healthy and safe by giving us solutions to problems like pollution, global warming, and clean energy and they do this on the basis of their engineering knowledge and other related study. You must be wondering that how much do engineers make in a year. Well they manage to get about $80,000 per annum.


Ocean Engineers

Building ships or designing and building the massive oil rigs in the oceans and other sorts of marine equipment you need to get a degree of ocean engineering. These professionals manage to round up sums of about $90,000 dollars a year but some make even more.

Biomedical Engineers

If there is a problem in some production procedure in the field of biology or medicine, then the duty of getting a solution of the problem is of a biomedical engineer. Designing of artificial body parts, or artificial organs and devices used to diagnose diseases are designed and built by these professionals. It is also a very vast field of study and with a vast scope especially in the coming years. Its average yearly pays range from about $64,000 per year to about $100,000 per year depending upon the field of work.


Income Growth Rate in Engineering

According to reports of BLS the engineering field will be seeing a job growth rate of about 9 percent up till 2022. If you want to be a part of this field as a professional, then you must be going for civil or biomedical engineering as they will be experiencing a job increase rate of 20 % and 27 % respectively. American society of civil engineers (ASCE) and American society of mechanical engineers (ASME) conducted a survey. The survey was completed in three years from 2011 to 2013. The survey involved 10,627 engineers from all over America and it was observed that their income increased about 5 percent in these three years. From $99,738 in 2011 it shot up to $104,303 in 2014.


how much does a engineer make


Income Enhancement Opportunities

An engineer applies his skills of advanced mathematics, his vision, thought, ideas into a practical scheme to get a solution to the problem. He can do it in the fields mentioned above and the alike. There are various opportunities of income enhancement for engineers regardless the nature of their distinguished fields.


Best Job Location

The pacific south west states proved to be the most fruitful for the engineers as there the engineers got the highest median salary and it was $110,000 followed by south central states where it was at about $105,000 and the upper mountain states grabbed the third spot with $98,005 and in the last came the central plains states, pacific north west states and the great lakes states with the highest median salary of $87,525, $90,000 and $91,000 respectively.


The amount of money in engineering like other fields depends upon his field of work and work experience. According to surveys conducted by BLS (Bureau of Labour Statistics) on how much these engineers yearly display that the highest earning engineers are the aerospace engineers followed by chemical engineers and then civil engineers and after them came biomedical engineers and in the end are electrical and mechanical engineers. Income also depends upon experience as entry level wages will be different than those engineers who have been working for some time now and the senior engineers will definitely be earning the most. Entry level wage of an electrical engineer is about $62,000 while the average per annum income is about $91,000. So it clearly shows how much experience counts and the top 10 percent in this very field get even $120,000 to $130,000 per year.

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