How Much Does a Nurse Make a Year

How Much Does a Nurse Make a Year

Nurses have a number of career opportunities in the United States as per their qualification and work experience. The basic qualification is four years graduation program that levels one’s way to more specific associate diplomas and higher degree programs such as National Council Licensure Examination, abbreviated as NCLEX-RN exam. With each new degree and professional expertise, a nursing career opens up new vistas of career opportunities and obviously enhances income prospects. Like anywhere in the world, a nursing career is one of the well-respected careers in the United States

How Much Does a Nurse Make a Year

Official Statistics on Nurses’ Income

The official data on how much does a nurse make displays interesting facts. Surveys of the Bureau of Labor Statistics state a nurse makes about $69,790. This is the median average wage of a qualified nurse who has passed the National Council Licensure Examination. This income can be viewed as a $33.55 per hour job payment rate for nurses. The value goes as low as $45,880 for the lower ten percent of the employed registered nurses whereas it increases upto $98,880 in case of the upper ten percent of registered nurses.


Hourly Scale Income

In the hourly scale, the lower ten percent nurses earn $22.06 per hour and the upper ten percent earn $47.54 per hour. However, outpatient care centers provide the best opportunity to registered nurses to increase their income. The same survey of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics enlists income at outpatient care centers $72,390 annually i.e. $34.80 per hour. In private and state run hospitals, per anum income of nurses is states as $71,640 which equates to an hourly $34.44. The nurses have the prospects to provide services at home of the patients. Here they can get additionally annual earnings of $67,880 and hourly $32.64.


The residential care facilities in the United States offer another lucrative chance to qualified and experienced nurses an approximate earning of $62,440 and an hourly $28.28. In the offices of physicians and practicing doctors, the nurses can earn $58,420 annually or $30.02 hourly. The hourly figure is higher than residential care because nurses working in private clinics have fewer working hours in comparison to their duties at other nursing facilities.


The Best Paying States

There is a huge variation of income statistics of nurses working in different states of America. The best paying state of America is California. The average annual salary of a registered nurse in California is $98,440, or an hourly &47.31 that is very close to the top of the nationwide average earning. Furthermore, California employs the largest number of nurses of any state in America, a total estimated number of about 253,440.


Income Enhancement Opportunities

When it comes to how much does a nurse make, one must first determine the working situation and personal potential in the field. The second category includes specialty-certified pediatric nurses. These nurses have a higher earning rate too, with an averaging $42.89 per hour. This is an hourly $10.87 more than those who do not possess certified nursing qualification in the field of pediatrics. This difference is quite obvious, and can b seen more clearly in the north eastern states of USA. While a specialty nurse can expect a good pay and favorable working hours and career opportunities, there are other factors in play as well. They are mentioned below:


Factors Affecting the Income Prospects

First and foremost is experience. Good experience is likely to land you at the highest positions in the best hospitals of urban and metropolitan areas. A fresh out of college nurse earns $23 per hour, compared to $38 per hour of a nurse with an experience over 35 years in practice.


The second main factor is qualification. The minimal qualification requirement being a bachelor’s degree in nursing, earning $63,000 annually but with a master’s degree, the earning goes as high as $72,601 annually while those having a doctorate degree have an even higher $79,170 per annum.


As mentioned above, the nurses with more focused and specific qualification increase their opportunities of career enhancement. For the purpose, there are a number of medical and nursing institutes available in the United States that offer a wholesome range of associate diplomas and degree programs to aspirant nurses for the improvement of their knowledge and expertise. In every field of medical science, such academic nursing programs are available and obviously help you build your career as more rewarding and consolidated.


Work Settings

The next factor in line is work settings. The data provided by Bureau of Labor Statistics on how much does a nurse make estimates that registered nurses who have been employed are earning the highest $68,160 per annum. Registered nurses in hospitals earn an average $63,880 and those working in the offices and private clinics of doctors earn $59,210. But the lowest in the statistics is occupied by nurses working in health care or nursing center. According to the BLS statistics they earn a yearly sum of $57,060.


Callback Hours

The nurses can increase their earnings too by starting callback hours in their jobs, along with shift differentials and by taking part in clinical duties. These activities not only increase their earning, but they improve performance reviews and make promotions easier and quicker.


How much does a nurse make is dependent upon their duties. Most registered nurses perform, and are expected to perform a set of activities in the clinic or hospital which include provision of educational material and instructions to patients for extended healthcare. The nurses examine the physical and psychological status of the patient via interview, and by reviewing medical histories. She relays this information to the doctors.


The nurse is required to demonstrate understanding of the extent and quality of improvement of the patient, and the patient’s feelings and extent of satisfaction with the treatment. They must be knowledgeable in infection control steps, and be able to provide safety guidelines to patients and to help them in hospitals. Nurses provide psychosocial support to patients, which is elemental in recovery of particularly those patients who have been in bed rest for extended periods of time. They must be able to access the patient’s needs for transport assistance and related factors. They also perform other duties, particularly in surgical wards, where they sterilize instruments, prepare the room for next patients and assist the doctor in surgeries.

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