How Much Does a Vet Tech Make Yearly?

How Much Does a Vet Tech Make

How Much Does a Vet Tech Make

Veterinary technicians, supervised by veterinarians who are licensed and practicing assist them in taking care of animals. Other duties include taking care of sick ones, collect samples from animals and run tests on these samples. They also take care of office maintaining summing up, recording and storing records and administer medications, which may include general injections, anesthesia for surgery or any other related tasks. They sterilize surgical instruments and are therefore instrumental in the surgical rooms of veterinary practitioners. While these are the basic and important daily activities of the veterinary technicians, they also need to be trained in the use of X-ray scanning machines and MRI’s. They must be trained in sterilizing surgical tools and setting up the clinic appropriately for the checkup of the incoming animals.

How Much Does a Vet Tech Make

Average how much does a vet tech make an hour?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics on vet tech salary, the amount is $31,570 each year. However, it goes up to $44,740 for the upper ten percent and 20,880 at the bottom ten percent of the scale. These are the national statistics which are supposed to offer a general assessment of the annual earnings of a veterinary technician. On an hourly basis, it is an average of $15.18, which goes down to $10.04.

When we compare the qualification and education this field demands with how much does a vet tech make, the comparison is quite reasonable. Any person may be hired as a veterinary technician with as little as clearing high school level. This is followed by a two-year program at an accredited technician school or college is the job requirement which gives you the certificate for practice. The institution must be accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association. according to online surveys and records, there is a direct relation between the qualification and the pay received. The qualification in the same context, effects the geographical location and type of employment, featuring from veterinary hospitals in urban area or smaller vet clinics in rural establishments. Moreover, the type of skills in urban centers is also different from that required by rural employment opportunities. In urban areas, the majority of animals coming to the clinic include pets and certain exotic species of birds and animals, while in rural areas, cattle and farm animals take up majority of the sick animals to be treated.


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Income Compatibility with Work Place

While veterinary technicians mostly perform their duties in privately run clinics and animal hospitals, the environment may vary with jobs, such as zoos, research laboratories, animal rescue centers and training centers. Similarly, the schedules are subject to variations and very little consistency because they have to work in different stations and for different shifts which are often subjected to fluctuation as well.

The Best Paying States of America

While the best paying states of America are Alaska with its $38,190, New York comes in second in America with an average of $37,460. These statistics are also taken from and refer to the 2011 report published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. After New York, the next best spots are occupied by Connecticut, Virginia and Massachusetts, also keeping par in the average salary recordings. These institutions, in the correct order, have average annual earning sums of $36,640, $36,650 and $36,380. This can be related to the general environment of these states. On the contrary, the lowest salary is recorded in West Virginia with a meagre $25,780. Other low averaging states include Oklahoma at $26,360 and Idaho at $26,390. While Kentucky values at $26,770 and Alabama at $26,960. These states are not fit for ambitious career beginnings, and there are less frequent job openings here as well. Therefore, it is recommended to choose your career after observing the trends of that particular state. While countries like Australia offer comparatively better pays, Europe is the better choice with higher pay rates and better job environments. Knowledge of these factors is important if you are ambitious about the career you are looking forward to.

Veterinary Technician Assistant Salary

Factors Affecting Wages of Vet Technicians

Another important factor affecting wages is the geographical area. If you want to understand how much does a vet tech make, it is important to relate it to the areas you are considering. The highest recorded was a hefty $23.07 per hour in the Sacramento-Arden-Arcade-Roseville area of California which is much higher than metropolitan areas which employ medical technicians at lower rates. Madison, Wis occupies the second highest spot with $22.39 per hour. But as far as non-metropolitan areas are considered, Southeastern Missouri and Eastern Texas had hourly salary average values of $22.47 and $19.83.

But the main question is, how much does the job offer to the aspiring candidates in search of smart employment. The Bureau of Labor Statistics calculated that there are 78,800 veterinary technicians working in America as of 2011. Though the number has certainly increased by now, the same bureau and other institutions predict that job growth in this field is expected to be much higher than the average growth of all employments in America. The same can be predicted about European countries and Australia. While the pay is not the best initially, there is a gradual increase, which depends upon performance and working hours. And in comparison to the qualification requirements of veterinary technicians, it is a suitable job for a reasonable salary.

For a qualified veterinary technician, a two-year program in any accredited school is essential. This must be certified by the American Veterinary Medical Association and the course must include training in patient paperwork, recording and assembling medical histories of animals by talking to their owners. It also includes training in testing and procedures, how to administer fluids through injections, and prepare samples for transport or lab testing. They must be apt in patient assistance, during operations and preparation procedures before and after surgeries. They must know how to prepare instruments for surgery e.g. sterilization and they have to be skilled in nursing. If the institution under consideration is certified by the Association, and if the two-year program is offering training in all these skills, the college will provide a valid and certified degree, which will also allow you to have a certificate as a veterinary technician.

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